This is caffeine... simplified

PURCS are 100% pure caffeine micro-capsules packaged in a beautiful metal vial.

No mystery ingredients, sugar, or chemical additives.


Just 100% pure caffeine.

Health Canada approved because it's made in Canada!

Full METAL Jacket!

No ugly, plastic medical bottles here! 

CNC machined brass metal, hand polished, and chrome plated to a mirror shine. These are jewelry grade containers that no one would be embarrassed to carry around. 

Throw a vial on a keychain, put one your pocket, or even wear it like jewelry.

Would you ever guess this was full of caffeine?

Caffeine Sensitive or Caffeine Whore?

We can accomodate.

PURCS come in two strengths:


120mg per micro-capsule = 1 cup of coffee


200mg per micro-capsule = 2 cups of coffee

Need a stronger dose?  Just take TWO*!  

***Just kidding…. Health Canada said we aren’t allowed to recommend that!

Multi Purpose

We actually designed these metal containers to be multi-purpose.  Easily hold your caffeine, hair pins, money, hair ties, “vitamins”, marijuana, joints, and other powdered supplements.

Our large vial holds a small joint or cigarette perfectly.  

Our small vial is the exact size of a rolled up bill.

Both also work great as a "one hitter".  (Look it up)

And with removable end caps (which are spoon like) we’re sure you can find other uses for these containers. 

** We've even had customers purchase them to hold their pets ashes.  **

Convenient anytime... anywhere!

Coffee and energy drinks aren’t great for every situation.  They are a pain to carry around, taste like sh*t after a while, (ever had old coffee or a flat Redbull?) and aren’t always readily available. 

PURCS don't have these problems.

Then there is the liquid-in-liquid-out issue.

Don't be that annoying person during road trips, long meetings, and sexual adventures. 

We like shiny.

For those wanting a fancier vial - we have our premium line.

REAL 14K, 24K, and Rose Gold vials shipped in custom made wooden jewelry boxes.  Pair them up with different end caps for a truly unique look.

You aren’t going to want to throw these away!

Got kids?

While you were in the kitchen reading this and making another pot of coffee - Melissa put Billy in a headlock and nearly killed him.  That's not good.

Think of the children.  

Keep PURCS on hand. :)

The reviews are coming in...

“I love my coffee! However, when coffee isn't available PURCS fill in the gap perfectly.” 

- Mark K, Vancouver BC

“I don’t drink energy drinks because of all the sugar and additives, but a pure caffeine product... that interests me!”

- Tina L, Toronto ON

“These vials are beautiful! Finally someone made a container that I wouldn't be embarrassed to carry around.”

- Veronica C, Regina SK