Black Chrome Vial + 100% Pure Caffeine

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This is caffeine... simplified

Our regular strength SMALL vials come with FIVE individual 120mg PURC micro-capsules of 100% pure caffeine. For those looking for more kick, our extra strength LARGE vials come with SIX individual 200mg PURC micro-capsules of 100% pure caffeine.

What does that equal? Well lets do some math:
A single 120mg PURC = caffeine equivalent of 1-1.5 cups of coffee!
A single 200mg PURC = caffeine equivalent of 2-2.5 cups of coffee! 
This means each vial holds the same amount of caffeine as about 7-15 cups of coffee! 

Choose a vial size + caffeine strength, and then if you want, stylize it with some extra end caps of a different color. Want to wear a vial with your favorite outfit? Then don't forget to grab the special "necklace cap" (small vial only).

PURCS are Health Canada approved. 
For all product information, recommendations, and warnings please visit this page: :   CLICK HERE

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