We're Hiring!

SALES REP:  Looking to make some extra cash on the side of your current obligation?  Maybe something on weekends?  Help us get PURC CAFFEINE into local businesses in your area.  We pay a $75 flat rate (plus bonuses) for every retailer that picks up PURC CAFFEINE!

PURC CAFFEINE fits in with so many types of businesses including:  Convenience stores, tattoo shops, head shops, smoke shops, clothing stores,  car washes, computer parts / repair shops, automotive shops, hair salons, gyms. The list goes on and on!

We've also teamed up with another company that also wants into some of the same stores.  So if you get their products in store too, you can increase your payout to $125 per store with minimal effort.

Social Media Warrior:  Have some extra time on your hands?  We're looking for some extra social media reps to help us spread the word.  If you enjoy chatting with people on social media, why not help direct people to PURC CAFFEINE and take a 20% cut of anything they buy.  How?  We assign you a special code, you give that to people interested, and when they buy, you get 20% of the sale!