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How many doses are in a metal vial? How strong are they? How many should I take? How expensive are they?

Our small vial comes with FIVE individual 120mg doses. (REGULAR STRENGTH)
Our large vial comes with SIX individual 200mg doses. (EXTRA STRENGTH)

Each 120mg micro-capsule is the equivalent to the caffeine found in about 1-1.5 cups of coffee or about 1.5 cans of Red Bull (small size).
Each 200mg micro-capsule is the equivalent to the caffeine found in about 2-2.5 cups of coffee or 2.5 cans of Red Bull (small size).

Health Canada recommends no more than 1 dose every 3-4 hours. We recommend looking at the Health Canada approved product information by clicking HERE. 

The small vials start at $7.99 CDN
The large vials start at $9.99 CDN

REMEMBER: All Canadian orders, and all USA orders above $25 receive free shipping.

Are these legal? Is this product approved by Health Canada?

Yes, this is a Health Canada approved product. The NPN (natural product numbers) are 80059182 and 80059183. You can download additional product information by clicking HERE (disable your popup blocker)

We also recommend reading Health Canada's caffeine overview HERE (disable your popup blocker) 

What ingredients are in a PURC?

There are only 2 ingredients: A micro-capsule made from gelatin encases the 100% pure caffeine. That's it!

What is pure caffeine like? Should I choose regular or extra strength? How long does it last?

Unlike energy drinks and coffee, PURCs have no sugar, additives, fillers, or mystery chemicals. When you remove all this “bad stuff” and only consume 100% pure caffeine, the caffeine experience will be more apparent and uplifting. For those on special diets or those simply trying to eat healthier, PURCS are a great way to reduce sugar, calories, and liquid intake. 

It depends on your caffeine sensitivity. If you notice a caffeine buzz after a single cup of coffee, then your best bet is probably the regular strength. However, if you basically live with a coffee or energy drink in your hand, then you’re most likely going to need our extra strength PURCS. 

Everyone is different - but typically a single dose lasts a few hours. Think about when you consume coffee or an energy drink. PURCS will usually last that duration and a bit longer. 

I like my coffee! Why should I even bother with these?

We also love our morning coffee! PURCS are the perfect complement to your routine for those times when coffee or energy drinks aren’t available (or practical), but you still need that caffeine boost. 

By scaling down your coffee consumption you will not only reduce bathroom breaks, but it will also make it easier on your wallet. Consuming less coffee may also reduce stains and help brighten your teeth. 

Put a vial in your pocket. Keep one in your desk, car, wherever. You can never have too much caffeine on standby. The special necklace cap we designed will make it even easier (and fashionable) to wear one around your neck. 

Can I fly with these?

You bet! We fly regularly with these in our carry on. These have the proper Health Canada approvals, and as long as you tell the airport security the product is just caffeine, there should be no problems traveling with it. (The same way that carrying vitamins is OK in Canada and USA). Keep in mind though that all CARRY ON luggage is at the total discretion of security. If in doubt, and if you don't want to risk having the vial confiscated, just take a PURC before you board your plane, and put the vial in your checked baggage... problem solved! 

What’s the deal with the METAL VIAL? It looks like jewelry!

Instead of putting PURCS in ugly plastic bottles or paper blister packs, we wanted something better for the daily grind. We’re all active and PURC packaging was designed to be more then just function. (Plus, no one likes carrying around bulky and embarrassing plastic pill bottles!)

The small vial is about the size of a rolled up dollar bill.
The large vial is the size of a cigarette. (It actually fits a regular sized cigarette perfectly.)

When you are done with the caffeine, the vials is PERFECT for holding other things like
  • Money
  • Vitamins
  • Prescription medications
  • Cannabis
  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Pet/Family member ashes (recent customer idea)
What will you use the vial for after?

What do PURCS taste like?

They have have no taste if you swallow them as directed. 
However, if you decide to open the micro-capsule and expose the pure caffeine - you’ll find they have a slightly bitter taste. 

Some of our customers prefer opening the micro-capsule and mixing the caffeine with water or juice. Once mixed you shouldn't be able to taste the caffeine.

Would you sponsor my film, photography, music, sports, or modeling career?

Maybe. Tell us why we should consider it :)

Can I buy these wholesale? Looking for any sales reps?

Sure, Send us a message!  

We're always looking for reps. Send us a message!