About Us

We're a small Canadian team that lives for the outdoors and traveling the world.  We work hard and play even harder which means we need our caffeine!

We love our coffee and energy drinks, but everyone knows they aren't exactly healthy or always convenient. So, around 5 years ago we set out to make a different kind of product that we could take anywhere… a caffeine alternative we could bring to work, take to the the club, or easily pack with us on some crazy kayak-skydiving-mountain-climbing adventure.

The project turned out to be much more complicated then we ever thought!  From the base Health Canada licensing, to having to design and develop one-of-kind equipment to package the vials.  Finding a pharmaceutical company capable of even producing the product for us was extremely challenging. What we didn't realize was that when you remove all the binders, excipients, and fillers from a product, it makes it very difficult to process!  You wouldn't believe how many times our manufacturers tried to convince us that “pure” still includes all that other junk. But we stood our ground, spent extra time to figure it out, and what you have now is a truly 100% pure caffeine product, in packaging like no other.

We’d like to give a shout out to our families, friends, and all the other people that helped us get this going.  Good things take time, and we’re thankful you agreed to help!

Dustin L

Purc Caffeine Ltd.